Title Insurance

Title insurance is designed to protect lenders and buyers from covered title defects that existed prior to the date of the policy. It also covers the cost of any legal defense of the title for a covered matter. It provides coverage for as long as a buyer and their heirs own the property. The cost of title insurance is based on the value of the property. 

If you’ve purchased a health or auto insurance policy, you have an idea of how traditional insurance coverage works. You pay a premium and the insurance company takes on the financial liability of your auto or health risks. These types of insurance assess the risk of future loss, like car accidents, health problems and other mishaps. Title insurance, on the other hand, helps eliminate risk- the risk being the loss or compromise of various home ownership rights due to existing issues with the property’s title. The policy then offers financial indemnity against any of these defects that may be discovered. 

Protecting the interests of lenders and property owners is done in two parts. Loan policies protect the lender’s interest in a property. The lender always purchases a loan title insurance policy to protect its mortgage interest in the property. An owner’s title insurance policy is designed to protect the property owner.

We are authorized to sell title insurance for First American Title Insurance Company, Old Republic Title Insurance Company & Investor’s Title insurance Company. Please see attached the title insurance brochures for more detailed information regarding title insurance.